** Help Notes  Order Screen**

Our pricing method is simple:
Each item has a minimum quantity (shown in red print below) You can order only in multiple of minimum-quantity
You probably noticed that some items have 2 price levels, (
Level2 and Level1 ) to qualify for Level2 price you must order Leve2-Minimum  quantity.
For your convenience we also show the case quantity for most items, in case you prefer to order by master cases.
Some items may have only one price



( DZ.=dozen -- EA. = each )
DZ. (12 units) is self explanatory, EA. in most cases stands for one unit of a particular item such as one card of Krazy Glu or one card of Duracell AA 4-pk or one card of Krazy Glu, but 1 EA could also stand for one display of BIC lighters (50 lighters) or one case of 50 foam cups.Prices  always reflect the price of a unit, for example:  if the unit is EA and description says 'Display of 50 BIC lighters' then the price shown is the price of that display (with the 50 lighters).  Prices are generally  straight forward and very easy to follow.
If the item-description says '3-pack or 2-pack' and the retail unit is a 3-pack or 2-pack (like soap or batteries etc.) then price shown is per 3pk or 2pk respectively.
Typically whatever is shown in the image or whatever the description says is what you are paying for.
Some wholesalers show you a multi-pack image like 3pk soap but display a price per single bar.
We don't do that! What you see is what you get....

clicking        will return you to our products listing, without placing an order

To order, just type the quantity that you want and click "Add To Cart"
The unit is the same as the unit of measure ( 'EA' or 'DZ' ) If the unit is 'DZ' then the price is per dozen and if you type 1 you are ordering one dozen, '2'= two dozen Etc.
To order half a dozen just type 0.5 (if allowed).