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Frequently Asked Questions.......

  2. Do you pay for freight ?
  3. Do you have extra discounts on large quantities?
  4. Do you have  prices for distributors or wagon-jobbers?
  5. Do you have credit terms ?
  6. What are your methods of payment ?
  7. Do you ship COD?
  8. How long will you take to ship my order?
  9. How can I determine the freight charge for my order
  10. Can I arrange to pick up my order?
  11. Do you back-order items not shipped?
  12. Do you have a catalog? How do I get on your mailing list?
  13. Do you have an outside salesman?
  14. What if something is missing from my shipment?
  15. What happens if get damaged merchandise?
  16. What are the expiration dates on your merchandise?
  17. How  long have you been in business?
  18. I don't know you! Why should I trust you?
  19. Do you make deliveries  with your own trucks?
  20. I don't have a business! Would  you sell me?
  21. Do you have a minimum order?
  22. Can I also offer you merchandise?


  1. Do you ship internationally?
    We do international shipping.
    We can ship everything in our catalog except items that manufactures.
    restricts us from exporting 
    Please email us a list of your requirements or place your order on the web.

  2. Do you pay for freight
    When a nationwide distributor  who handles brand names like we do  says he'll pay for freight, it is almost a certainty that you can get his merchandise much cheaper from someone else., and you can take that to the bank. 
    Sorry but we don't fatten up our prices to include freight
     We carry mostly brand name items, and we elected to operate with a small profit margin.  We sell nationwide, and with our slim margins it is impossible to come up with one price (including freight),  to every state in the union.  
    Our prices however, are very competitive,  and if you use our pallet-program, freight charges should be (relatively) very small..
    In 99% of times you will end up saving money if you buy your merchandise from us,  and we have thousands of smart customers who can testify to that.....

  3. Do you have extra discounts on large quantities ?
    Please note that buying 50-100 different items in multi-case quantities, is a rather normal practice with many of our customers, while we do very much appreciate it,  we do not consider that unusual.
    Our prices are very competitive, they are designed specifically to attract large buyers.    We do not have a set  price for mega quantities, but if there is any one or two items that you would like to buy  in unusual quantities (like pallet quantities),  let us know the quantity, and let us also know, your target price (or the price you are paying now). 

  4. Do you have  prices for distributors or wagon-jobbers?
    Take note that we specialize in selling to distributors, and wagon-jobbers,  call us up (718-786-6000) and let us know, what your needs are, and if you are a large buyer, you probably won't regret that call.

  5. Do you have credit terms?
    Sorry, with our present Business-Model we have no room, or margin for credit terms....

  6. What are your methods of payment?
    For Contiguous USA customers:
    Bank Checks, Money-orders, Wire-transfer
    Company checks are accepted but your order will be held for 15 working days.
    Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    International Orders:  BankWire  Only!

  7. Do you ship C.O.D?
    Yes we do, (with some exceptions / limitaions) 

  8. How long will you take to ship my order?
    Most orders are shipped within 24 hours after payment.

  9. How can I determine the freight-charge for my order?
    At the moment we can only provide you with a pallet-freight-charge, if your business location is within our Pallet-Program areas.  If you can't   find a pallet rate for your state, then please call us for more information (718-786-6000).
    We are constantly working to enhance, and increase the geographic scope of our Pallet-Program.
    Unfortunately at the present, we are unable to provide you online  the estimated charges for your UPS orders.
    That is why we do not collect payments on the web and we also do not consider your order as binding until we contact you with freight charges etc. And you tell us to ship it or cancel it. 


  10. Can I arrange to pick up my orders?
    You want to pick up your order? no problem!
    Indicate in the message section of your order, when do you wish to pick up your order, and we will have it ready.
    We also have on hand, a big cash & carry with 3000 or more items,  where you roam around, and help yourself to  more bargains. See-map
    If you want to arrange for your own trucker to pick up your order, we have no objection, just give us your written instructions .

  11. Do you back-order items not shipped?
    We ship averagely 95%-100%  of  your order.
    We do not, automatically back-order unshipped items, however, if you request it, we can call you up when a backordered item is back in stock.

  12. Do you have a catalog?  how  do I get on your mailing list?
    If you place an order, even a small one, you will be automatically be on our mailing-list and get a monthly catalog.
    If you are logged in and want to view our catalog.  Just click
    'Get-Catalog' (top menu). 
    If  you are a new customer, then click ' Register' (top menu)  to register, before clicking 'Get-Catalog'

  13. Do you have outside salesmen?
    No we don't! 
    By the way,  most salesmen who come into your store and hang around for an hour or so to take your order, make on the average 3%-5% commission. (If they deny it, don't believe them), It  is very easy for us to compete with outfits who employ salesmen, pay for freight or give you credit.  If you are a small buyer, then most probably you are  paying through  the nose.....

  14. What if items are missing from my shipment?
    All orders undergo a vigorous amount of checking ,double-checking and triple-checking, it is very rare that something is short.... 
    But, we are only humans.....
    We absolutely  do stand behind everything we ship, and if a shortage does take place, or wrong merchandise was shipped,  we will take immediate steps to correct the situation.
    When receiving your shipment you must write  clearly the number  of cases you received next to your signature, 
    If this is a UPS shipment,  indicate with your signature any damaged boxes, or better yet, refuse them!  If you suspect that a case (that was shipped UPS)  has been opened and resealed also refuse it.
    In case of a shortage, a damage, or wrong items, make sure not to throw away the shipping cartons or discard anything  else, until your claim is processed, this will help avoid problems and speed things up.

  15. What happens if I get damaged merchandise?
    See answer #14.

  16. What are the expiration dates on your merchandise?
    All the merchandise we ship is fresh, anyway we stand behind everything we ship. 

  17. How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business since 1969.

  18. Why should I trust you?
    I never heard of you, how can I trust you?
    That's a very good question! 
    This is one of hardest questions that I ever had to answer, yet I have to deal with this question quite often, that is every time we have a new customer,  who  never heard of Price King.. 
    There is really no fool-proof way to answer this question, I guess the only thing I can do here, is pound on my chest and say, I am this and I am that, so let me start with a few facts:
      We have been in business since 1969 We have customers in every state of the union, We have been doing business on the national and international scenes  for a long time,  ( I'll bet you never heard  anything negative about us).
    We own and operate 100,000sqf Warehouse  with total yearly sales of 50 millions dollars. We have (approximately) 7,000 customers nationwide and 300 international customers.
    When it comes to trust, everyone is different, some people are more suspicious then others (I guess it is a matter of personal experience)  and nothing can change that..
    If you never heard of us and you are worried about trusting us, why not try us out?  place a small order with us, and see how it goes.  If everything goes okay and you are satisfied  then place a larger order.

  19. Do You do deliveries with your own trucks?
    Yes we do,  within a 40 miles radius from New York City 

    See below:    Minimum-Order, Borough  and Weekdays 
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Manhattan   $1000   $1000 $1000
    Brooklyn $1000   $1000    
    Queens   $1000   $1000  
    Long Island   $1500   $1500  
    Bronx $1000   $1000    
    New Jersey $2000   $2000    
    For example:  Our minimum for free delivery to Manhattan is $1000,  and we go there  on  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

    For destinations is beyond our area please check  our pallet-program 
    Small orders are shipped UPS. You may also arrange to pick-up your orders. 


  20. I don't have a business! Would you sell me?
    Absolutely not!  You must be in business to buy from us, in fact, we reserve the right to ask for a proof that you do have an active business entity , the proof may consist of sales-tax bills,  tax-id-number, Utility bills  or any other documents that we see fit.


  21. Do you have a minimum order? 
    Order must be at least $200 or pay $15.00 handling-charge (if above $100).
    Optionally you can order 10 different items and avoid the minimum-order requirements. 


  22. Can I also offer you merchandise?
    Please do!  If you have anything to offer us, send us an Email,
    with details or pictures.
    Please start  your Email with "Attention ES"



Privacy Policy
We value the privacy of our customers. We collect personal and business
information to ensure efficient processing of your orders.
We do not and will not share your information with any other entities except
when we are legally bound to do so by a government or state agency.

This information is used by us for contacting and identifying
customers and their needs.
Special offers or catalogs are emailed only to customers who are interested
in receiving them. (you may unsubscribe anytime).
We do not intend to make your name or personal information available to
a third party. All information collected by us is done only for our own use
for the purpose of providing you with the highest level of service.