** Search Tips**

We Basicaly Have 2 Types of Searches:
 Item#  Search  is pretty straightforward, it is very useful if you know our Product-Number for the item you are searching (you may have bought it in the past or you may have a copy of our Price-catalog), Just Type the 7 digit number with no spaces and click 'GO' .
Our Product-Number has always 7 digits  any other number of digits will produce unwanted results.

Word Search is the second  type of search  that you can use when looking for a product.
To conduct a
Word-Search just type any word or partial word ( Like 'Dura'  for Duracell ), don't worry about typing in Upper or Lower case ( the search is Case-Insensitive )  and click 'GO'.

To get the best result from a
Word Search we recommend you use partial words such as:
dura, Dura, DURA  for DURACELL
energ, Energ, ENERG for ENERGIZER
tyle, Tyle, TYLE for TYLENOL
Clicking '
GO' will produce a web-page with all the products that have the word (or partial word) you just typed in their description.

order to view a picture or order the item.

Click Cancel to return to text catalog...